IRLE Research on the "Gig Economy"



Is California's Gig Economy Growing?  Exploring Trends in Independent Contracting

"Is California's Gig Economy Growing?" digs through multiple data sources to shed new light on how the Golden State's independent contractor workforce is changing.  IRLE researcher Robert Habans shows that though there is little evidence of long-term growth in this workforce, there are new and ominous shifts in who is an independent contractor.




Matters Settled but not Resolved: Worker Misclassification in the Rideshare Sector

"When Matters are Settled but Not Resolved: Misclassification in the Rideshare Sector" reviews the law and judicial decisions to date on whether Uber drivers are employees or independent contractors. Former IRLE Research Director Pamela Izvànariu makes a compelling argument that despite recent class-action settlements that left this question unresolved, there is a compelling legal case for concluding that Uber "contractors" are in fact employees.




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