Nina Monet Reynoso

Lecturer, Rev. James M. Lawson, Jr. Teaching Fellow

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Citlalli Chávez-Nava

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"Nina Monet Reynoso is a doctoral candidate in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences focusing on race/ethnicity in education. Her research interests include the militarization of education, critical theory and pedagogy, Black studies, and more. She has worked with the Labor Studies department for three years, and has taught with many of the department’s faculty members.

In addition to her graduate studies, Nina Monet facilitates project management with Million Dollar Hoods, a community driven research project that maps the cost of mass incarceration in Los Angeles. The use of open source data and mixed methods are closely aligned with her own research on mapping military academies across the country.

The themes of her coursework focus on histories of the Black radical tradition in the face of labor exploitation and an examination of global perspectives on labor movements. When not aiding her students in community grounded research, she can be found with her dog, Canelo, and a good book."

Courses Taught

LBR STDS 97 Compulsory Labor & Racial Capitalism