Accessing Census Labor Data

Workshop Description:

Beginner Track: How many women work in the construction industry in California? What are the top three industries in Los Angeles? This workshop will use the IPUMS site to gather American Community Survey census data related to employment and labor conditions. The workshop will provide an overview of the sample, key variables related to labor and economic conditions and a hands-on demonstration of data runs. It will include applying demographic filters to further hone in on the data.

Workshop Leader:

Saba Waheed is Research Director at the UCLA Labor Center. She has nearly twenty years of research experience developing projects with strong community participation. With her team at the UCLA Labor Center, she coordinated the first-ever study of domestic work employers, launched a multi-year study of workers and learners, and conducted research on the impact of the pandemic on nail salon workers and owners. She has also conducted research related to gig workers, young workers, Black workers, LGBTQ+ grocery workers and retail workers. Saba teaches the Labor Summer Research Program, guiding students through an applied research project.