IRLE Jobs and Internships

  • UCLA IRLE seeks applicants for a part-time, non-tenure track lecturer position during the 2022-23 academic year for the following potential course: Spring 2023: April 1-June 30th Labor Studies 10: Introduction to Labor Studies. Apply here.
  • UCLA’s Labor Center is offering a Events and Operations Specialist position who will be responsible for providing finance and operations support, event coordination/logistics, clerical and technical support, and assistance for the Labor Center Director, Project Directors, Program Representatives, and more. Apply here.
  • UCLA’s Labor Studies Interdepartmental Program welcomes all interested and qualified UCLA graduate students to apply for our Teaching Apprenticeships. To be considered for a TA position, please find our TA post and application instructions on TA Marketplace.

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Non-IRLE Job Openings

The jobs under the tab “Labor Jobs in our Community and Beyond” are relevant for recent graduates of the Labor Studies major or minor as well as others interested in promoting social justice and organizing for better workplaces.  Please note that these positions are not offered by IRLE or the Labor Center, and all questions and application submissions should be sent directly to the organization(s) with the job opening.

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For additional labor and/or social justice-oriented positions, we recommend searching on following websites:

Non-IRLE Jobs & Internships

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