Major Research Capstone

Capstone courses offer UCLA Labor Studies graduating students the opportunity to be exposed to and connect with labor-related community organizations, worker centers, labor coalitions, or labor government agencies, through a applied-research and community engagement experience. 

Labor Studies Capstone Pathways

Choosing 1 option below as your capstone requirement culminates your undergraduate experience in the Labor Studies Program.

Option 1: Academic Year Capstone Sequence 
LBR STD 191A (Winter) LBR STD 191B (Spring)
Option 2: Community Scholars Program
LBR STD M190A (Fall)    LBR STD M190B (Winter) LBR STD M190C (Spring)
Option 3: Labor Summer Research Internship Program
LBR STD 191A (Summer Session B3) LBR STD 191B (Summer Session C3)

*Alternative option – Should neither of these 3 options work for the student due to extenuating circumstances, ie. conflicting course schedules, or a Winter quarter Degree Expected term, please follow up with Gloria Chan, Labor Studies SAO, as soon as possible.

To download a 1-pager with all Capstone Options, go HERE


Academic Year Capstone Sequence

Option #1 Worker Justice & Community-Engaged Research – Winter/Spring Cohort

These courses are designed for Labor Studies majors who have Senior Standing. Students will need to be well-versed in Labor Studies and have an understanding of Los Angeles’ movements, past and present. Students must have completed Labor Studies 10 and Labor Studies 101 in advance of the capstone or enroll in 101 concurrently with 191A. Once approved, the Labor Studies SAO will contact you and provide you with a PTE number to enroll. 

You must first fill out this FORM, in order to verify your eligibility to enroll in either of the two Academic Year Capstone Sequence, Option #1.

If desired, students can deepen their community-based research by adding a formal internship to the Capstone sequence through LBR STD195B. For more information about the internship class, go HERE

Format: 1 hour and 50 minutes, twice a week

  • Winter Quarter – LBR STD 191A (4 units)
  • Spring Quarter – LBR STD 191B (4 units)

Over the course of two quarters, students will work in partnership with a local workers’ justice organization providing support for their ongoing research initiatives and/or campaigns. Winter quarter curriculum is designed to orient students to the work of their partner organization and introduce them to a variety of community-based research methods. Students will then devise an original research project, either individually or in a research group, that advances the goals and values of their partner organization. Spring quarter will be dedicated to implementing their research proposal in order to complete the final capstone research paper/project in collaboration with their partner organization.

Specialized Capstone Opportunities

These courses are designed for Labor Studies majors who have Junior or Senior Standing. Option #2 and Option #3 below, have their own separate application process. Although there are no Labor Studies course pre-requisites, students will need to be well versed in Labor Studies and have an understanding of Los Angeles’ movements, past and present. 

If you are selected to enroll in either of these capstone options, the Labor Studies SAO will contact you and provide you with a PTE number to enroll. 

Option #2 Community Scholars Program – Astin Scholars 

CLOSED for Fall 2023-24. Applications for the 2024-25 Cohort opens Spring 2024

  • Fall 2023 – LBR STD 190A (4 units) 
  • Winter 2024 – LBR STD 190B (4 units) 
  • Spring  2024 – LBR STD 190C (4 units)

The Community Scholars Program was launched in 1991 to bring together community leaders and UCLA undergraduate and graduate students to study pressing policy issues in Los Angeles. Using applied research, participants develop a product that aims to impact local policy to further social justice. In the past, students have worked on projects related to transborder labor solidarity, education, immigration, housing, health in South Los Angeles, and green jobs. Undergraduates sign up for a virtual or on-campus appointment participate in this course as part of the year-long Astin Community Engaged Scholars Program through the UCLA Center for Community Learning. 

For more information about the Community Scholars Program, go HERE

Option #3 Labor Summer Research Program (LSRP) – Summer 2024  

Applications open Winter 2023

  • Summer Session B3 – LBR STD 191A (4 units) 
  • Summer Session C3 – LBR STD 194C (4 units)

Students engage in applied research focused on social, economic, and the political context of workers and learners, or students who attend college in Los Angeles County and also work at the same time. The research will explore how working students navigate barriers and opportunities in fulfilling their academic, career, and life goals. Students will be trained on research design, surveys and interview fielding, data analysis, presenting research to audiences, and writing of findings.

For more information about LSRP, go HERE.  


If you have questions or would like to discuss which capstone option works best for you, feel free to email or sign up for a virtual or on-campus appointment with Gloria Chan, Labor Studies Student Affairs Officer.