The Labor Studies program is administratively housed within the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) with active collaboration from the UCLA Center for Labor Research & Education (the Labor Center). Classes are taught in large part by Project Directors at the UCLA Labor Center, as well as additional in-house lecturers, visiting faculty, and affiliated faculty in other departments.

Virginia Espino

Unit 18 Faculty

heath-activism, motherhood, public-history

Loretta Gaffney

Unit 18 Faculty

storytelling-for-actvisits, working-class-literature

Trevor Griffey

Unit 18 Faculty

labor-and-higher-education, labor-and-race, social-movements

Gilda Haas

Unit 18 Faculty

economic-development, worker-cooperatives

Tobias Higbie

Professor, Director of IRLE

public-history, social-movements, working-class-history

Tia Koonse

Unit 18 Faculty, Legal and Policy Research Manager at UCLA Labor Center


Rev. James Lawson

Unit 18 Faculty


Caroline Luce

Academic Administrator

immigration, social-movements

Paolo Marinaro

Unit 18 Faculty

future-of-work, labor-politics, social-movements

Rosemarie Molina

Unit 18 Faculty

economic-development, future-of-work, labor-politics

Victor Narro

Academic Administrator, Project Director at UCLA Labor Center

immigration, labor-law

Chris Newman

Unit 18 Faculty

future-of-work, labor-law

Iliana Perez

Unt 18 Faculty

economic-development, immigration

Gaspar Rivera-Salgado

Academic Administrator, Project Director at UCLA Labor Center

future-of-work, immigration, social-movements

Kendrick Roberson

Unit 18 Faculty

civil-rights, economic-development, future-of-work

Raymond Rocco

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

economic-development, labor-politics, social-movements

Janna Shadduck-Hernandez

Academic Administrator, Project Director at UCLA Labor Center

education, immigration

Brenda Suttonwills, Esq.

Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives at UCLA School of Law


Abel Valenzuela

Professor, Interim Dean of UCLA’s Division of Social Sciences

immigration, labor-politics, social-movements

Saba Waheed

Academic Administrator, Director of the UCLA Labor Center

domestic-workers, future-of-work, young-workers

Kent Wong

Academic Administrator, Project Director for Labor and Community Partnerships at UCLA Labor Center

civil-rights, social-movements

Chris Zepeda-Millan

Professor, Chair

immigration, labor-politics, social-movements