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Rosemarie Molina is the new Deputy Executive Director at Unemployed Workers United, where she organizes unemployed, underemployed and workers facing precarious employment to build power to change their living and working conditions. She is the former Organizing Director of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor (LA Fed). At the LA Fed she created and Directed the LA Fed’s People’s Project where she built mutual aid program that helped over 22,000 Angelenos. She is an organizer, campaigner and strategist in the workers’ rights movement. She has a background in developing comprehensive campaigns that center and empower low-wage workers or color to build power in their workplaces and communities. She has successfully run campaigns to organize workers in the underground economy, has transformed industry standards across the State of California through policy and has created workforce development programs that build pipelines to union employment and erase employment barriers for marginalized people. Specifically, Rosemarie led the on the ground organizing for the Raise the Wage Campaign to increase the Los Angeles minimum wage to $15, anchored the Los Angeles Coalition Against Wage Theft, helped organize the first union carwash in the United States, passed the first policy in CA to regulate Amazon’s brutal quota system and developed the People’s Project which touched more than $2 million Angelenos and provided 22,000 with mutual aid.

Rosemarie is a mother and active member of her community. She is passionate about social justice and activism. She has a B.A. from UCLA in Global Studies and Sociology, and an M.A. in Labor and Community Studies from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She currently teaches Labor Studies at both universities.

Courses Taught

LBR STD 188, SEM 1: Building Power for Change: Labor Organizing Principles and Practices