The Drivers – A Short Play About the Experiences of Uber/Lyft Drivers

The DriversA Short Play About the Experiences of Uber/Lyft Drivers performed by students from Labor Studies 152, Winter 2021: Work, Social Justice and Arts taught by Professor Janna Shadduck-Hernández

Play Description

During the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, four Uber drivers meet in the morning at LAX. The play follows each driver throughout the day, culminating in their return to LAX that evening. This play explores the isolation of the American Worker, the shared bonds of their humanity, and the extremes that individuals go for survival.

This play was developed by the performers through interviews and writing exercises, later compiled by Kyle J. McCloskey – an MFA playwright here at UCLA – to create the experience of small moments that make up a life for rideshare drivers during the pandemic.


  • Kyle J. McCloskey – UCLA MFA student – playwright and actor
  • Emely Molina – UCLA Undergraduate student  – actor
  • Samreen Siddiqui – UCLA Undergraduate student  – actor
  • Joel Ojeda – UCLA Undergraduate student  – actor
  • Jacob Skarr – UCLA Undergraduate student – narrator