Strategic Campaign Planning

Workshop Description:

BEGINNER LEVEL TRACK. In this workshop, Vasudha Desikan of the Center for Responsible Lending will teach you the fundamentals of strategic comprehensive campaign planning. You will learn the differences between strategy and tactics, how to escalate, how to operate in markets and politics, how to involve members in strategic campaigns and increase member power, and how to tie your campaign into hard deadlines like those posed by policy calendars or other outside considerations.

Workshop Leader:

Vasudha comes from a long history of campaigning with low-wage workers in the labor movement. Most recently, she was the political director at the Action Center on Race & the Economy where she advocated to get progressive leadership of color in federal financial regulatory positions. Vasudha has also led strategic campaigns and initiatives at United for Respect, SEIU, and AFSCME. She holds an M.A. in international relations from American University. In her spare time, Vasudha can be found practicing magic tricks with her nephews in San Francisco.