“We Gon’ Be Alright” student shares experience on Black worker rights and labor organizing

November 16, 2022/by Marcos Ruiz

California State Labor Commissioner urges UCLA labor studies graduates to help build a state that values working families

June 14, 2022/by Citlalli Chavez

Labor Studies Grad Spotlight: Yuliana Barrón Pérez

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Kindness Study Q&A

June 6, 2022/by Breanna Diaz

Sandra Serrano-Cañete: A unique thread in the fabric of UCLA Labor Studies program

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UCLA LOSH Indigenous-language COVID-19 workplace safety videos aim to fill vital language gaps

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Students and COVID-19: We Are Struggling, Here’s the Help We Need

March 15, 2022/by Lesly Ayala

Labor studies students engage with UCLA Labor Center women-led storytelling podcast that promotes social change

March 2, 2022/by Vanessa Codilla

IRLE’s Black History Month study list

February 23, 2022/by Lesly Ayala

Freedom Fellow aspires to build toward systemic change, worker justice and Black Liberation

February 1, 2022/by webteam

Lola Smallwood-Cuevas discusses CARE at Work

November 29, 2021/by Breanna Diaz

UCLA Labor Center to expand research and support of high road approaches to work this fall

November 15, 2021/by Citlalli Chavez

Labor in the Age of Finance: Pension, Politics, and Corporations from Deindustrialization to Dodd-Frank

October 5, 2021/by Lesly Ayala

Q&A with Kevin Riley, new director at the Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program

June 21, 2021/by Citlalli Chavez

Resilience and ambition: labor studies grads reflect on community and shared aspirations for the future

June 11, 2021/by Citlalli Chavez

Julio Sagastume: labor studies graduate, scientist and humanist

June 10, 2021/by Citlalli Chavez

Inaugural Fellowship Prepares Students for Careers in Human Resources

May 4, 2021/by Citlalli Chavez

Five ways International Workers Day is celebrated around the world

April 30, 2021/by Breanna Diaz

Five Ways You Can Get Involved in May Day 2021

April 30, 2021/by Vanessa Codilla

Uncovering the Herstory of IRLE

April 7, 2021/by Breanna Diaz

Trailblazing labor studies student reflects on experiences that fuel her fight for justice

March 22, 2021/by Citlalli Chavez

‘I even sleep better at night’: How the public sector is the key to COVID-19 economic recovery

February 21, 2021/by Tina Ly

Labor Studies Students Launch Website in Honor of Tam Tran and Cinthya Felix’s Enduring Legacy

May 20, 2020/by Vanessa Codilla

Pandemic Inequalities: Assessing the Fallout in the Restaurant Industry

April 15, 2020/by Vanessa Codilla

Labor Studies Alumni Q&A: Diana Marquez on perseverance in higher education

April 12, 2020/by Vanessa Codilla

Workers, Learners, and the Arts

April 3, 2020/by Tina Ly

UCLA Students from Centennial-Themed Fiat Lux Teach about Art and Activism at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Koreatown

March 31, 2020/by Tina Ly

Working Families in Focus: Photo Exhibit Reflection

March 23, 2020/by Tina Ly

Photo Story: Welcome Luncheon for Labor Studies Majors

February 28, 2020/by Vanessa Codilla

60 Years Ago Today: The Lunch Counter Sit-Ins That Changed History

February 13, 2020/by Tina Ly

60 Years Ago Today: The Lunch Counter Sit-Ins That Changed History

February 13, 2020/by Tina Ly

Labor Studies Alumni Q&A: Kassandra Hernandez on Labor and Public Policy

January 10, 2020/by Tina Ly

Q&A with Criminal Justice Reformer Saul Sarabia

January 6, 2020/by Tina Ly

Nail Files: Low-Wage Work in the National Nail Salon Sector

December 19, 2019/by Tina Ly

Q&A with Gloria Perez, the first student to graduate with UCLA’s Labor Studies major

December 9, 2019/by Tina Ly

Lawson Legacy Project Launches with Nonviolence Lecture Featuring Senator Maria Elena Durazo

November 27, 2019/by Tina Ly

Labor Studies Alumni Q&A: Valerie Serrano on Labor Occupational Safety and Health

November 13, 2019/by Tina Ly

Photo Story: Alumni Honored at Our Stories, Our Impact Reception

October 11, 2019/by Vanessa Codilla

LSRIP students present their research at Earners and Learners Gallery Walk

September 16, 2019/by Tina Ly

2019 Labor Studies Graduate Q&A with Sarai Ramos, Visionary Mixtec Activist

June 20, 2019/by Tina Ly

2019 Labor Studies Graduate Q&A with Siyue (Lena) Wang— “It took me nine years but I’m finally graduating!”

June 20, 2019/by Tina Ly

Q&A: LSRIP Alumni Gloria Perez & Juan Muñoz

May 16, 2019/by Tina Ly

UCLA Spirituality, Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Social Justice Class: Q&A with Professor Victor Narro

March 13, 2019/by Tina Ly

Tip Work: Examining the Relational Dynamics of Tipping beyond the Service Counter

March 8, 2019/by Tina Ly

Labor Studies Alumni Q&A: Diana Marquez on perseverance in higher education

March 1, 2019/by Tina Ly

Reverend James Lawson Jr. Receives UCLA’s Highest Honor, the UCLA Medal

December 3, 2018/by Tina Ly

Students Participate in Collective Bargaining Exercise at UCLA

November 7, 2018/by Tina Ly

Celebrating Reverend Lawson’s Enduring Contributions at UCLA

October 5, 2018/by Citlalli Chavez

LSRIP Students Share Research on “Earners & Learners” in LA County

September 18, 2018/by Tina Ly

Do Legislative Bills Build Housing?

July 31, 2018/by Tina Ly

“Janus” Challenges Unions to Organize

July 11, 2018/by Citlalli Chavez

2018 Labor Studies Graduate: One of My Favorite Research Memories

July 10, 2018/by Citlalli Chavez

Dream Summer 2018: Engaging and Developing Immigrant Youth Leadership

July 9, 2018/by Citlalli Chavez

2018 Labor Studies Q & A: Activist Scholar With Eyes Set on Law School

June 18, 2018/by Citlalli Chavez

2018 Labor Studies Q & A: Feminist Historian with Visionary Plans

June 15, 2018/by Citlalli Chavez

More Than a Gig: A Survey of Ride-Hailing Drivers in Los Angeles

June 11, 2018/by Citlalli Chavez

Q&A with Graduate Natasha Castro

June 20, 2017/by Vanessa Codilla

Celebrate Community Scholars!

February 16, 2016/by Vanessa Codilla

Rachel Sanoff – Student Leadership Academy

April 8, 2015/by Vanessa Codilla

Student Leadership Academy Graduates

August 20, 2014/by Vanessa Codilla