Aragon is one of two selected Labor Studies Commencement speakers and will address the class of 2024 next Saturday, June 15. / Photo provided by Micaela Aragon
Students presented an array of labor studies research at the Labor@UCLA Research Showcase held on May 24. The event formed part of UCLA's Undergraduate Research Week. /Composite by Marcos Ruiz Rojas
Project Director for Labor and Community Partnerships Kent Wong speaking at the community rally held at UCLA’s Ackerman Union on April 24. Photo by: UCLA Labor Studies
Members of the original independent union committee at the Mex Mode maquiladora.
Los Angeles, CA. February 10, 2024. Unions and worker groups from the US, Mexico and Canada in a conference to discuss ways to support each other. Conference participants marched and rallied at the Mexican consulate to support strikers at the Mexican Audi plant. Photo by: David Bacon