Frequently Asked Questions:

Taking Labor Studies Approved or Related Courses for Pass/No Pass Credit


  • What is a “P/NP” grade? It means getting graded for a class as Pass(P) or No Pass(NP) vs. a letter grade.


  • How will P/NP classes affect my GPA? Courses taken Pass/Not Pass will not impact the UC GPA, and will not count towards Latin Honors.


  • How will P/NP classes affect my units?  Units earned with a grade of P count toward degree requirements. Students receive neither units nor course credit for a grade of NP.


  • How many classes P/NP can be applied towards the Labor Studies Major and Minor? Students may apply any approved and/or related Labor Studies courses taken in Spring 2020 toward the Labor Studies major/minor requirements with a grade of Pass. Please consult other departments about their policy on P/NP courses.


  • Can you change your mind multiple times and change your P/NP to a grade, and vice versa? Yes, there’s not limit to change the grade option. 


  • Will there be a fee for changing my classes to the P/NP grading scheme? No, there won’t be a fee if the change is made by the deadline. 


  • Do I need to file a petition to change the grading option from letter grade to P/NP?  No, you don’t need to submit a petition. You can change the grade to P/NP via MyUCLA.  


  • When is the deadline to change the grading basis? Friday June 5th, 2020 (Friday of Week 10)


  • How can I inform the Labor Studies counselor about the Passed courses I want to count towards the Labor Studies? To count Passed courses towards the Labor Studies Major or Minor will need to fill out the form to report courses taken P/NP, and the Labor Studies Counselor will manually apply the courses in DARS. There is no need to fill out the form now as you may change.


  • How will P/NP classes affect my Financial Aid package? If all courses are taken Passed/Not Passed, students will not have a GPA at the end of the quarter, which may affect Financial Aid or scholarships. Please check with Financial Aid & Scholarships if you have any questions.


  • If one of my classes is a prerequisite and is taken P/NP, how will that affect my ability to enroll in other classes later on?  Some requirements must be taken for a letter grade, e.g. other department major/minor requirements, some College requirements (Entry Level Writing, Writing I, Writing II, Quantitative Reasoning, Diversity).  Check with your department or the College if you have any questions.


  • I’m applying to professional schools and/or Ph.D. programs. Will P/NP classes impact my admission process? We strongly suggest you contact the schools and programs you are planning to apply.  There are law schools, for example, that calculate a Not Passed grade as an F for admission purposes. 


  • Will teachers change the pace of their classes now that P/NP is an option? No, they will not.


We recommend visiting the College Academic Counseling website to assess the pros and cons of taking a class for P/NP: Pass/No Pass Pros & Cons.