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The Need for a Better Deal for Workers & Residents in Inland Southern California: A Case Study of QVC Inc.’s 2015 Operating Covenant Agreement with Ontario, California

Juliann Allison, Nathaniel Cline, Ellen Reese

February 12, 2018

Economic Justice, Publications, Policy Brief


Workers and residents in Ontario are not benefiting as much as they could from the city’s economic development projects. Ontario’s politicians have overlooked the community building potential of economic development projects found in other California cities where politicians have engaged residents in negotiations to incorporate community benefit agreements (CBAs) or project labor agreements (PLAs) into public agreements with developers. The model CBAs and PLAs in other California cities that we review show how they involve community stakeholders in ongoing monitoring and oversight of the completion and implementation of economic development projects.

This brief contrasts these “best practices” for economic development as well as Measure JJJ in Los Angeles City with the 2015 operating agreement between the City of Ontario and QVC, Inc., an on-line and shopping channel retailer, regarding its distribution center located in Ontario.

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