Roles of the Institutions and State Agencies for Promoting and Enforcing Occupational Health and Safety Rules; A Comparison between U.S.A. and Turkey

Zeynep Sisli (IRLE Scholar)

My research aims to seek how the institutions founded by universities for training, service and research work and affect the activities of the workplaces and state agencies for good implementation of the rules about occupational health and safety in U.S.A. I will focus on how the participation of workers and employers are encouraged for good practice of the rules in work places and the enforcement is provided. I plan to evaluate the chosen cases through written sources and interviews with the representatives of social partners- workers, unions, employers, experts and government officers, and also academic and teaching staff in institutions—in order to make a comparison between Turkey and the U.S.A. about the rules and practices for trying to propose different ways to universities and public authorities for health and safety at work in Turkey.