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Global Strategies for Improving Low-Wage Jobs

Chris Tilly, Pamela Izvanáriu, Françoise Carré, Peter Evans

May 8, 2017

Economic Justice, Global Research, Publications, Research Project


IRLE researchers are drawing lessons from case studies in the United States and around the world about what makes bad jobs bad, and strategies for improving them. This has generated a variety of syntheses and collections. The project yielded a 2010 special section of New Labor Forum on “Work and Inequality in the Global Economy: China, Mexico, and the U.S.” (co-edited by Tilly and Kent Wong), and a 2011 special double issue of the Journal of Workplace Rights called “Labor in the Global South: A Search for Solutions” (co-edited by Tilly and four UCLA doctoral students). The research contributed to Carré and Tilly’s edited volume Are Bad Jobs Inevitable? (2012, co-edited with two British colleagues), published in 2012, and to edited volume How Diversity Changes the Workforce Diversity Equation (2014, co-edited by Tilly, UCLA graduate student Hina Sheikh, and two Italian co-editors). This research stream has generated a variety of papers, such as can be found here and here. Izvanáriu is leading new research into new forms of employment in the emerging “sharing economy,” and how they can best be regulated.

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