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How Global Migration Changes the Workforce Diversity Equation

Massimo Pilati, Hina Sheikh, Francesca Sperotti, Chris Tilly

January 4, 2015

Global Research, Immigration, Publications, Book/Edited Volume


This volume explores some of the ways that a dialogue between diversity researchers and migration researchers can deepen the understanding of both. It moves across economics, sociology, political science, labour relations, and legal studies, demonstrating that the value of this dialogue cuts across disciplines. The book particularly underlines the challenges faced in host societies, including exclusion to the point of “hyper-precarity,” anti-migrant attitudes, and the widespread organizational indifference to the importance of diversity management. It also points the way to possible solutions, including exemplary corporate and public sector diversity management programs, proactive trade union engagement with the incorporation of migrants, legal reforms to mitigate exclusion and facilitate integration, and the political choices that could move these solutions forward. As such, this volume offers a broader understanding of the issues of workforce diversity that will help stimulate further research, as well as action to confront the challenges and diffuse solutions.

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