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Miguel Contreras: Legacy of a Labor Leader

Kent Wong and Michael Viola

January 1, 2009

Economic Justice, Immigration, Publications, Working Class History, Book/Edited Volume


"Miguel Contreras (1952–2005) helped transform the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor into a dynamic and powerful force for social change by advancing a vision that linked immigrant organizing and political power. As a result, Los Angeles labor has become a leading force for progressive change in California politics.

Published in English and Spanish, this book explores Miguel’s life in five sections: 1) Miguel’s roots with the United Farm Workers union; 2) revitalizing the Los Angeles labor movement; 3) the struggle for immigrant rights; 4) building labor’s political power; and 5) Miguel’s lasting legacy. Integrated throughout are personal reflections from community and political leaders and archival photographs. This book can be used as a reference for educators, community members, youth, and labor organizations interested in furthering the movement for social justice."

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