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The Role of Family, Friends, and Colleagues Supporting Workers and Learners Navigating College

Sophia L. Ángeles, Janna Shadduck-Hernández

May 17, 2024

Education, Publications, Young Workers, Article


Nationwide, almost one in two of full-time undergraduate students are employed. This qualitative study investigates how 69 workers and learners, who were full-time students in a Los Angeles County public college or university and who had a job, leveraged the wealth of knowledge and resources embedded in their familial and peer networks to strategically manage the demands of school and work. Informed by the theoretical frameworks of funds of knowledge and community cultural wealth, we illustrate the diverse ways family and peers contributed to the success of workers and learners, including sharing college-specific knowledge, providing financial resources, facilitating access to employment opportunities, and providing job- specific knowledge. Findings shed light on the ways workers and learners strategically manage their worlds
of school and work with support from their family and peers.

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