State of the Unions

Each year on Labor Day, the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment releases a report on the state of unionization in Los Angeles, California and the United States.  IRLE’s State of the Unions began in 2005 and continues to the present.  In 2015, the report looks at unions and the $15 minimum wage.

Figure 3: Share of Workers Earning $15/hour or Lower (All Workers, Including Tips)

2015 State of the Unions Report

Introducing From ’15 to $15

Each year, The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) tracks the level and significance of California unionization in its annual State of the Unions report.  This year the report complements its “State of the Unions” analysis with a discussion of the $15 minimum wage. The report discusses how unions and their members are likely to be affected by a higher wage floor.

This year, IRLE readers have the opportunity to explore the state of the unions themselves.  The interactive SOU app allows users to delve into how unionization in the US varies with age, educational status, sector and geography.

Read the report here.

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