IRLE Vendor Payment Process

Instructions for Requesters

Prior to scheduling a service with a vendor (guest speaker, program participants, etc.), each unit’s requester will share the form below with the vendor. Once completed, the requester will submit to their unit’s fund manager.

Eligibility Form Link Here 

The process is to ensure vendors are eligible and that their payment is processed right after they have provided the service.  Any questions related to the form or eligibility should be directed to each unit’s fund manager. 

Department Requester FAQ

Who do I contact for additional information regarding vendor payments, and eligibility?

Contact Information for IRLE Staff

I am a part of IRLE and I would like to provide a payment to a guest speaker for an upcoming event, who should I contact?

If you have confirmed the funding source with your fund manager, you can have the guest speaker complete the Request for Vendor Services Form prior to the event and submit to your unit’s fund manager for approval.

Instructions for Vendors  

If you will be providing a service to any unit of IRLE and receiving payment via non-payroll, you will need to complete the following steps.  

Check Payment Status

Once you have received confirmation that your payment was processed, you may check the service date of invoices processed using the link here.

Payment Works

Once IRLE staff has confirmed that the vendor is eligible and received the Request for Vendor services form, the vendor will be directed to complete their Payment Works profile and will receive a link directly from Payment Works. The vendor will need to complete the set up of their profile within 5 business days of receiving the link.

Payment Works FAQ

Payment Works Training

Vendor FAQ

After my payment is processed, when will I receive my payment?

Once processed, the payment will be issued within 4-6 weeks.

I am a new vendor, where can I find more information related to becoming a vendor for UCLA?

Processor Resources

Processors and unit fund managers may refer to the resources linked here.