IRLE Publications

Beyond Green Jobs: Building Lasting Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

Daniel Villao, Uyen Le, Stefanie Ritoper

January 1, 2012

Publications, The Future of Work, Book/Edited Volume

Beyond Green Jobs is a new book that describes how comprehensive, deep green energy efficiency can bring the best benefits to the environment and create good, long-term careers.

Just Neighbors? Research on African American and Latino Relations in the United States

Edward Telles, Mark Sawyer and Gaspar Rivera-Salgado

September 21, 2011

Black Employment, Immigration, Publications, Book/Edited Volume

Just Neighbors? challenges the traditional black/white paradigm of American race relations by examining African Americans and Latinos as they relate to each other in the labor market, the public sphere, neighborhoods, and schools.

Unions and Education Justice: The Case of SEIU Local 1877 Janitors and the “Parent University”

Veronica Terriquez, John Rogers, Gary Blasi, Janna Shadduck Hernandez, Lauren D. Appelbaum,

October 1, 2009

Education, Publications, Policy Brief

Stories from five union organizers from Vietnam and five Vietnamese American union organizers capture their hope, determination, and perseverance against the formidable obstacles they face in organizing workers to improve their jobs and their lives.

This collection of personal stories, campaign analysis, and an abbreviated timeline tells one of America’s greatest stories of women of color standing together to demand fair wages, benefits, and the right to be "invisible no more."

Miguel Contreras: Legacy of a Labor Leader

Kent Wong and Michael Viola

January 1, 2009

Economic Justice, Immigration, Publications, Working Class History, Book/Edited Volume

This book explores Miguel’s roots with the United Farm Workers union, revitalizing the Los Angeles labor movement, the struggle for immigrant rights, building labor’s political power, and Miguel’s lasting legacy.

The stories of Organizing Prosperity are an examination of the role that unionism has played in lifting up workers, communities, and even businesses themselves in a dozen American occupations and industries.

The Gloves-Off Economy: Workplace Standards at the Bottom of America’s Labor Market

Annette Bernhardt, Heather Boushey, Laura Dresser and Chris Tilly

September 12, 2008

Economic Justice, Labor and Occupational Safety, Publications, Working Class History, Book/Edited Volume

This book examines a range of gloves-off practices, the workers who are affected by them, and strategies for enforcing workplace standards.

Underground Undergrads provides a summary of the history of legislation impacting undocumented students in higher education along with a resource guide of organizations that advocate for student rights.