UndocuAlly Network

Background: The UndocuAlly Committee was spearheaded in 2010 by Alfred Herrera, Assistant Vice Provost and the director of Center for Community College Partnerships, and Dr. Angela Chen, former UCLA Doctoral student, during a time where there were few resources available for undocumented students. Over the years, the group has collaborated with several campus partners, allies, and advocates to develop strategies to support undocumented students.

About the UndocuAlly Network:

ACIP is continuing to build off of this important work by forming an UndocuAlly Network to identify as many advocates as possible (i.e., administrators, professors, students, alumni groups, student organizations, off campus partners) and create an inventory that will organize the various partners to make our campus a more welcoming place for undocuscholars. This three-phase project includes: 1) identifying formal and informal resources such as UndocuAlly Meetings, connecting through word of mouth, and directly interviewing campus partners (i.e. administrators, professors, and student organizations); 2) sorting through the data and categorizing the list of partners specifically for undergraduate and graduate students; and 3) create a pocket reference to better assist campus partners not just during a crisis but also for long term mobilization. This project is truly a community effort to bring together advocates from various sectors that will holistically create an undocufriendly campus culture.

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